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Proper Case Management

The Business of Medicine

Case Management at all levels of care in the hospital setting from ED to Discharge has become a vital part of healthcare. Most rural or critical access hospitals have one person acting in several roles to manage all of the Case Management needs for the entire facility. That person has to be aware of all the patients admitted to the facility, their discharge planning, denial management, utilization review, and sometimes even act as a social worker.

Utilizing CMI to support your case managers remotely will allow information to seamlessly pass between all parties giving the onsite case managers the knowledge needed to prepare a plan of care for all new admissions.

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    CMI provides a seamless extension of your staff 24/7

    Handling first-level ED reviews after 5 pm and on weekends is a challenge for smaller facilities. The ER volume typically doesn’t justify the expense of around-the-clock case management. Our case management nursing staff is available when you need us.

    Access our nurse reviewers to augment your local resources 24 hours a day. Our reviewers are trained and well-versed in InterQual® and Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG).

    If your ED is tied to your EMR we can have real-time access to your clinical documentation, this enables our nurses to provide admission review without disrupting your workflow.

    We use your Guidelines (you need to have a valid license for your guidelines) for Evidence-Based Reviews

    • Around-the-clock nurse reviews from CMI
    • Eliminate any gaps in coverage with our 24-hour a day, seven-day a week review service. Our nurses are always available. That includes weekends, nights and holidays and when your local staff is on vacation or ill.
    • We use your Guidelines for Evidence Based Reviews
    • Our nurse reviewers are experts in the use of InterQual® and Milliman Care
    • Guidelines (MCG) – we will use your preferred criteria to screen hospital admissions for medical necessity. (you need to have a valid license for your guidelines)

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